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Project Management Solution

Infrastructure projects are remote and capital intensive. KYRO helps project managers keep project budgets on track, have a real-time pulse on the ground situation, assess and mitigate risks in real-time. KYRO eliminates communication silos, improves documentation of key decisions in the office and the field, and eliminates unnecessary cost overruns without scope variance.
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One stop solution for all your project management needs

Bring in a seamless work flow in your organization with a collection of visualization and construction project management tools offered by KYRO


Collect and manage data in simple elegant forms and traditional table format with sorting, paging and filtering capabilities.


Smart BI reports that collate your data collected in a format that makes sense and is pleasing to the eye.


Collect data when and where the action is happening with our offline capable mobile tools.


Track the progress of your project in real-time, identify and act on risks before they go out of control.


Simple Kanban boards to drag and drop for managing the status of a project and task.


Our AI algorithms will empower you with a sixth sense of where issues are likely to crop up for you to take action proactively.

Excel style tabular structure is what your team is used to? We have it covered. Our Datagrids with simple Modal Views for creating, updating and deleting data will cover all your data management needs for your project team. They come with sorting, paging and filtering features that will help you slice and dice the data anyway you want.

Our visually pleasing dashboards will give you a clear picture of where your project is headed with various metrics derived from our vast experience in the industry. Project Milestones, Performance and KPI indicators and many more can help you manage your projects successfully.

Mobile Data Collection
When, what, who and where are key data elements that need to be captured as your project progresses. Much information is lost in this data collection process in traditional ways of data collection. Our mobile forms will help you collect all relevant data at the time and place where the project is being executed. Are your resources working in a remote area with phone signal out of reach? We got you covered with our offline data collection and seamless sync capability.

Our analytics engine built on our vast experience will let you track the progress of the project in time along with On-time completion rate, time lost monitoring, resource and risk analysis. Risk identification and risk ranking will track and close active project risks.

Minimalistic user friendly Kanban boards customized to your needs.

Our Kanban boards are designed to show important project and tasks information in a simple view. It allows to manage status with drag and drop features. You can see tasks assigned to you and other resources that you are allowed to see so that you can manage all your tasks across multiple projects in a single scrollable view.

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Artificial Intelligence
Our vast industry experience has given enough experience and data to train our prediction models to give you an additional sixth sense style intelligence to guide you and prevent pitfalls. Our models can help if a project, task or a resource is likely to complete on time which are invaluable tools when time is money.

See for yourself how KYRO can make managing projects effortless for your organization.


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